Commit 21ebd6c68b5511b55f4f456e4ba17c2d711e3617

Authored by Linus Torvalds

Merge branch 'for-next' of git://

* 'for-next' of git:// (59 commits)
  rtc: max8925: Add function to work as wakeup source
  mfd: Add pm ops to max8925
  mfd: Convert aat2870 to dev_pm_ops
  mfd: Still check other interrupts if we get a wm831x touchscreen IRQ
  mfd: Introduce missing kfree in 88pm860x probe routine
  mfd: Add S5M series configuration
  mfd: Add s5m series irq driver
  mfd: Add S5M core driver
  mfd: Improve mc13xxx dt binding document
  mfd: Fix stmpe section mismatch
  mfd: Fix stmpe build warning
  mfd: Fix STMPE I2c build failure
  mfd: Constify aat2870-core i2c_device_id table
  gpio: Add support for stmpe variant 801
  mfd: Add support for stmpe variant 801
  mfd: Add support for stmpe variant 610
  mfd: Add support for STMPE SPI interface
  mfd: Separate out STMPE controller and interface specific code
  misc: Remove max8997-muic sysfs attributes
  mfd: Remove unused wm831x_irq_data_to_mask_reg()

Fix up trivial conflict in drivers/leds/Kconfig due to addition of
LEDS_MAX8997 and LEDS_TCA6507 next to each other.

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