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# Configuration for WAN router

	tristate "WAN router"
	depends on EXPERIMENTAL
	  Wide Area Networks (WANs), such as X.25, frame relay and leased
	  lines, are used to interconnect Local Area Networks (LANs) over vast
	  distances with data transfer rates significantly higher than those
	  achievable with commonly used asynchronous modem connections.
	  Usually, a quite expensive external device called a `WAN router' is
	  needed to connect to a WAN.

	  As an alternative, WAN routing can be built into the Linux kernel.
	  With relatively inexpensive WAN interface cards available on the
	  market, a perfectly usable router can be built for less than half
	  the price of an external router.  If you have one of those cards and
	  wish to use your Linux box as a WAN router, say Y here and also to
	  the WAN driver for your card, below.  You will then need the
	  wan-tools package which is available from <ftp://ftp.sangoma.com/>.

	  To compile WAN routing support as a module, choose M here: the
	  module will be called wanrouter.

	  If unsure, say N.