pktgen.conf-2-1 1.27 KB

#modprobe pktgen

function pgset() {
    local result

    echo $1 > $PGDEV

    result=`cat $PGDEV | fgrep "Result: OK:"`
    if [ "$result" = "" ]; then
         cat $PGDEV | fgrep Result:

# Config Start Here -----------------------------------------------------------

# thread config
# Each CPU has its own thread. Two CPU example. We add eth1 to the first
# and leave the second idle.

  echo "Removing all devices"
 pgset "rem_device_all"
  echo "Adding eth1"
 pgset "add_device eth1"

# We need to remove old config since we dont use this thread. We can only
# one NIC on one CPU due to affinity reasons.

  echo "Removing all devices"
 pgset "rem_device_all"

# device config
# delay 0 means maximum speed.

CLONE_SKB="clone_skb 1000000"
# NIC adds 4 bytes CRC
PKT_SIZE="pkt_size 60"

# COUNT 0 means forever
#COUNT="count 0"
COUNT="count 10000000"
DELAY="delay 0"

  echo "Configuring $PGDEV"
 pgset "$COUNT"
 pgset "$CLONE_SKB"
 pgset "$PKT_SIZE"
 pgset "$DELAY"
 pgset "dst"
 pgset "dst_mac  00:04:23:08:91:dc"

# Time to run

 echo "Running... ctrl^C to stop"
 trap true INT
 pgset "start"
 echo "Done"
 cat /proc/net/pktgen/eth1