15 Jan, 2012

2 commits

  • * 'for-linus' of git://selinuxproject.org/~jmorris/linux-security:
    capabilities: remove __cap_full_set definition
    security: remove the security_netlink_recv hook as it is equivalent to capable()
    ptrace: do not audit capability check when outputing /proc/pid/stat
    capabilities: remove task_ns_* functions
    capabitlies: ns_capable can use the cap helpers rather than lsm call
    capabilities: style only - move capable below ns_capable
    capabilites: introduce new has_ns_capabilities_noaudit
    capabilities: call has_ns_capability from has_capability
    capabilities: remove all _real_ interfaces
    capabilities: introduce security_capable_noaudit
    capabilities: reverse arguments to security_capable
    capabilities: remove the task from capable LSM hook entirely
    selinux: sparse fix: fix several warnings in the security server cod
    selinux: sparse fix: fix warnings in netlink code
    selinux: sparse fix: eliminate warnings for selinuxfs
    selinux: sparse fix: declare selinux_disable() in security.h
    selinux: sparse fix: move selinux_complete_init
    selinux: sparse fix: make selinux_secmark_refcount static
    SELinux: Fix RCU deref check warning in sel_netport_insert()

    Manually fix up a semantic mis-merge wrt security_netlink_recv():

    - the interface was removed in commit fd7784615248 ("security: remove
    the security_netlink_recv hook as it is equivalent to capable()")

    - a new user of it appeared in commit a38f7907b926 ("crypto: Add
    userspace configuration API")

    causing no automatic merge conflict, but Eric Paris pointed out the

    Linus Torvalds
  • * 'for-3.3' of git://linux-nfs.org/~bfields/linux: (31 commits)
    nfsd4: nfsd4_create_clid_dir return value is unused
    NFSD: Change name of extended attribute containing junction
    svcrpc: don't revert to SVC_POOL_DEFAULT on nfsd shutdown
    svcrpc: fix double-free on shutdown of nfsd after changing pool mode
    nfsd4: be forgiving in the absence of the recovery directory
    nfsd4: fix spurious 4.1 post-reboot failures
    NFSD: forget_delegations should use list_for_each_entry_safe
    NFSD: Only reinitilize the recall_lru list under the recall lock
    nfsd4: initialize special stateid's at compile time
    NFSd: use network-namespace-aware cache registering routines
    SUNRPC: create svc_xprt in proper network namespace
    svcrpc: update outdated BKL comment
    nfsd41: allow non-reclaim open-by-fh's in 4.1
    svcrpc: avoid memory-corruption on pool shutdown
    svcrpc: destroy server sockets all at once
    svcrpc: make svc_delete_xprt static
    nfsd: Fix oops when parsing a 0 length export
    nfsd4: Use kmemdup rather than duplicating its implementation
    nfsd4: add a separate (lockowner, inode) lookup
    nfsd4: fix CONFIG_NFSD_FAULT_INJECTION compile error

    Linus Torvalds

14 Jan, 2012

1 commit

  • * 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/sage/ceph-client:
    ceph: ensure prealloc_blob is in place when removing xattr
    rbd: initialize snap_rwsem in rbd_add()
    ceph: enable/disable dentry complete flags via mount option
    vfs: export symbol d_find_any_alias()
    ceph: always initialize the dentry in open_root_dentry()
    libceph: remove useless return value for osd_client __send_request()
    ceph: avoid iput() while holding spinlock in ceph_dir_fsync
    ceph: avoid useless dget/dput in encode_fh
    ceph: dereference pointer after checking for NULL
    crush: fix force for non-root TAKE
    ceph: remove unnecessary d_fsdata conditional checks
    ceph: Use kmemdup rather than duplicating its implementation

    Fix up conflicts in fs/ceph/super.c (d_alloc_root() failure handling vs
    always initialize the dentry in open_root_dentry)

    Linus Torvalds

13 Jan, 2012

6 commits

  • * git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net: (69 commits)
    pptp: Accept packet with seq zero
    RDS: Remove some unused iWARP code
    net: fsl: fec: handle 10Mbps speed in RMII mode
    drivers/net/ethernet/stmicro/stmmac/stmmac_platform.c: add missing iounmap
    drivers/net/ethernet/tundra/tsi108_eth.c: add missing iounmap
    ksz884x: fix mtu for VLAN
    net_sched: sfq: add optional RED on top of SFQ
    dp83640: Fix NOHZ local_softirq_pending 08 warning
    gianfar: Fix invalid TX frames returned on error queue when time stamping
    gianfar: Fix missing sock reference when processing TX time stamps
    phylib: introduce mdiobus_alloc_size()
    net: decrement memcg jump label when limit, not usage, is changed
    net: reintroduce missing rcu_assign_pointer() calls
    inet_diag: Rename inet_diag_req_compat into inet_diag_req
    inet_diag: Rename inet_diag_req into inet_diag_req_v2
    bond_alb: don't disable softirq under bond_alb_xmit
    mac80211: fix rx->key NULL pointer dereference in promiscuous mode
    nl80211: fix old station flags compatibility
    mdio-octeon: use an unique MDIO bus name.
    mdio-gpio: use an unique MDIO bus name.

    Linus Torvalds
  • rds_iw_flush_goal() just returns a count, but it is only called in one
    place and its return value is ignored there. So delete all the dead code.

    Signed-off-by: Roland Dreier
    Signed-off-by: David S. Miller

    Roland Dreier
  • Adds an optional Random Early Detection on each SFQ flow queue.

    Traditional SFQ limits count of packets, while RED permits to also
    control number of bytes per flow, and adds ECN capability as well.

    1) We dont handle the idle time management in this RED implementation,
    since each 'new flow' begins with a null qavg. We really want to address
    backlogged flows.

    2) if headdrop is selected, we try to ecn mark first packet instead of
    currently enqueued packet. This gives faster feedback for tcp flows
    compared to traditional RED [ marking the last packet in queue ]

    Example of use :

    tc qdisc add dev $DEV parent 1:1 handle 10: est 1sec 4sec sfq \
    limit 3000 headdrop flows 512 divisor 16384 \
    redflowlimit 100000 min 8000 max 60000 probability 0.20 ecn

    qdisc sfq 10: parent 1:1 limit 3000p quantum 1514b depth 127 headdrop
    flows 512/16384 divisor 16384
    ewma 6 min 8000b max 60000b probability 0.2 ecn
    prob_mark 0 prob_mark_head 4876 prob_drop 6131
    forced_mark 0 forced_mark_head 0 forced_drop 0
    Sent 1175211782 bytes 777537 pkt (dropped 6131, overlimits 11007
    requeues 0)
    rate 99483Kbit 8219pps backlog 689392b 456p requeues 0

    In this test, with 64 netperf TCP_STREAM sessions, 50% using ECN enabled
    flows, we can see number of packets CE marked is smaller than number of
    drops (for non ECN flows)

    If same test is run, without RED, we can check backlog is much bigger.

    qdisc sfq 10: parent 1:1 limit 3000p quantum 1514b depth 127 headdrop
    flows 512/16384 divisor 16384
    Sent 1148683617 bytes 795006 pkt (dropped 0, overlimits 0 requeues 0)
    rate 98429Kbit 8521pps backlog 1221290b 841p requeues 0

    Signed-off-by: Eric Dumazet
    CC: Stephen Hemminger
    CC: Dave Taht
    Tested-by: Dave Taht
    Signed-off-by: David S. Miller

    Eric Dumazet
  • The logic of the current code is that whenever we destroy
    a cgroup that had its limit set (set meaning different than
    maximum), we should decrement the jump_label counter.
    Otherwise we assume it was never incremented.

    But what the code actually does is test for RES_USAGE
    instead of RES_LIMIT. Usage being different than maximum
    is likely to be true most of the time.

    The effect of this is that the key must become negative,
    and since the jump_label test says:


    we'll have jump_labels still on when no one else is
    using this functionality.

    Signed-off-by: Glauber Costa
    CC: David S. Miller
    Signed-off-by: David S. Miller

    Glauber Costa
  • commit a9b3cd7f32 (rcu: convert uses of rcu_assign_pointer(x, NULL) to
    RCU_INIT_POINTER) did a lot of incorrect changes, since it did a
    complete conversion of rcu_assign_pointer(x, y) to RCU_INIT_POINTER(x,

    We miss needed barriers, even on x86, when y is not NULL.

    Signed-off-by: Eric Dumazet
    CC: Stephen Hemminger
    CC: Paul E. McKenney
    Signed-off-by: David S. Miller

    Eric Dumazet
  • David S. Miller

12 Jan, 2012

5 commits

  • Remove wrapper functions. This makes the allocation type explicit in
    all callers; I used GPF_KERNEL where it seemed obvious, left it at
    GFP_ATOMIC otherwise.

    Signed-off-by: Rusty Russell
    Reviewed-by: Christoph Hellwig

    Rusty Russell
  • Signed-off-by: Pavel Emelyanov
    Signed-off-by: David S. Miller

    Pavel Emelyanov
  • Signed-off-by: Pavel Emelyanov
    Signed-off-by: David S. Miller

    Pavel Emelyanov
  • Since:

    commit 816c04fe7ef01dd9649f5ccfe796474db8708be5
    Author: Christian Lamparter
    Date: Sat Apr 30 15:24:30 2011 +0200

    mac80211: consolidate MIC failure report handling

    is possible to that we dereference rx->key == NULL when driver set
    promiscuous mode. This happen with rt73usb and rt61pci at least.

    Before the commit we always check rx->key against NULL, so I assume
    fix should be done in mac80211 (also mic_fail path has similar check).


    Cc: stable@vger.kernel.org # 3.0+
    Reported-by: Stuart D Gathman
    Reported-by: Kai Wohlfahrt
    Signed-off-by: Stanislaw Gruszka
    Signed-off-by: John W. Linville

    Stanislaw Gruszka
  • My patch to validate station flags broke compatibility
    with the old station flags setting where all flags are
    always set at once since it always set the mask as all
    possible flags which ended up being rejected later in
    the station add/modify code.

    Fix by parsing only the current flags in the old flags
    attribute -- new applications and new flags should use
    (and will now require) the new flags attribute where
    the mask is given by the application.

    Reported-and-tested-by: Thomas Hilber
    Signed-off-by: Johannes Berg
    Signed-off-by: John W. Linville

    Johannes Berg

11 Jan, 2012

6 commits

10 Jan, 2012

6 commits

  • * git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net:
    igmp: Avoid zero delay when receiving odd mixture of IGMP queries
    netdev: make net_device_ops const
    bcm63xx: make ethtool_ops const
    usbnet: make ethtool_ops const
    net: Fix build with INET disabled.
    net: introduce netif_addr_lock_nested() and call if when appropriate
    net: correct lock name in dev_[uc/mc]_sync documentations.
    net: sk_update_clone is only used in net/core/sock.c
    8139cp: fix missing napi_gro_flush.
    pktgen: set correct max and min in pktgen_setup_inject()
    smsc911x: Unconditionally include linux/smscphy.h in smsc911x.h
    asix: fix infinite loop in rx_fixup()
    net: Default UDP and UNIX diag to 'n'.
    r6040: fix typo in use of MCR0 register bits
    net: fix sock_clone reference mismatch with tcp memcontrol

    Linus Torvalds
  • Commit 5b7c84066733c5dfb0e4016d939757b38de189e4 ('ipv4: correct IGMP
    behavior on v3 query during v2-compatibility mode') added yet another
    case for query parsing, which can result in max_delay = 0. Substitute
    a value of 1, as in the usual v3 case.

    Reported-by: Simon McVittie
    References: http://bugs.debian.org/654876
    Signed-off-by: Ben Hutchings
    Signed-off-by: David S. Miller

    Ben Hutchings
  • > net/core/sock.c: In function 'sk_update_clone':
    > net/core/sock.c:1278:3: error: implicit declaration of function 'sock_update_memcg'

    Reported-by: Randy Dunlap
    Signed-off-by: David S. Miller

    David S. Miller
  • * 'for-3.3' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/tj/percpu:
    percpu: Remove irqsafe_cpu_xxx variants

    Fix up conflict in arch/x86/include/asm/percpu.h due to clash with
    cebef5beed3d ("x86: Fix and improve percpu_cmpxchg{8,16}b_double()")
    which edited the (now removed) irqsafe_cpu_cmpxchg*_double code.

    Linus Torvalds
  • dev_uc_sync() and dev_mc_sync() are acquiring netif_addr_lock for
    destination device of synchronization. Since netif_addr_lock is
    already held at the time for source device, this triggers lockdep
    deadlock warning.

    There's no way this deadlock can happen so use spin_lock_nested() to
    silence the warning.

    Signed-off-by: Jiri Pirko
    Signed-off-by: David S. Miller

    Jiri Pirko
  • Signed-off-by: Jiri Pirko
    Signed-off-by: David S. Miller

    Jiri Pirko

09 Jan, 2012

4 commits

  • so move it there. Fixes build errors when CONFIG_INET is not defined:

    In file included from include/linux/tcp.h:211:0,
    from include/linux/ipv6.h:221,
    from include/net/ipv6.h:16,
    from include/linux/sunrpc/clnt.h:26,
    from include/linux/nfs_fs.h:50,
    from init/do_mounts.c:20:
    include/net/sock.h: In function 'sk_update_clone':
    include/net/sock.h:1109:3: error: implicit declaration of function 'sock_update_memcg' [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]

    Signed-off-by: Stephen Rothwell
    Signed-off-by: David S. Miller

    Stephen Rothwell
  • * 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jikos/trivial: (53 commits)
    Kconfig: acpi: Fix typo in comment.
    misc latin1 to utf8 conversions
    devres: Fix a typo in devm_kfree comment
    btrfs: free-space-cache.c: remove extra semicolon.
    fat: Spelling s/obsolate/obsolete/g
    SCSI, pmcraid: Fix spelling error in a pmcraid_err() call
    tools/power turbostat: update fields in manpage
    mac80211: drop spelling fix
    types.h: fix comment spelling for 'architectures'
    typo fixes: aera -> area, exntension -> extension
    devices.txt: Fix typo of 'VMware'.
    sis900: Fix enum typo 'sis900_rx_bufer_status'
    decompress_bunzip2: remove invalid vi modeline
    treewide: Fix comment and string typo 'bufer'
    hyper-v: Update MAINTAINERS
    treewide: Fix typos in various parts of the kernel, and fix some comments.
    clockevents: drop unknown Kconfig symbol GENERIC_CLOCKEVENTS_MIGR
    gpio: Kconfig: drop unknown symbol 'CS5535_GPIO'
    leds: Kconfig: Fix typo 'D2NET_V2'
    sound: Kconfig: drop unknown symbol ARCH_CLPS7500

    Fix up trivial conflicts in arch/powerpc/platforms/40x/Kconfig (some new
    kconfig additions, close to removed commented-out old ones)

    Linus Torvalds
  • * 'pm-for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/rafael/linux-pm: (76 commits)
    PM / Hibernate: Implement compat_ioctl for /dev/snapshot
    PM / Freezer: fix return value of freezable_schedule_timeout_killable()
    PM / shmobile: Allow the A4R domain to be turned off at run time
    PM / input / touchscreen: Make st1232 use device PM QoS constraints
    PM / QoS: Introduce dev_pm_qos_add_ancestor_request()
    PM / shmobile: Remove the stay_on flag from SH7372's PM domains
    PM / shmobile: Don't include SH7372's INTCS in syscore suspend/resume
    PM / shmobile: Add support for the sh7372 A4S power domain / sleep mode
    PM: Drop generic_subsys_pm_ops
    PM / Sleep: Remove forward-only callbacks from AMBA bus type
    PM / Sleep: Remove forward-only callbacks from platform bus type
    PM: Run the driver callback directly if the subsystem one is not there
    PM / Sleep: Make pm_op() and pm_noirq_op() return callback pointers
    PM/Devfreq: Add Exynos4-bus device DVFS driver for Exynos4210/4212/4412.
    PM / Sleep: Merge internal functions in generic_ops.c
    PM / Sleep: Simplify generic system suspend callbacks
    PM / Hibernate: Remove deprecated hibernation snapshot ioctls
    PM / Sleep: Fix freezer failures due to racy usermodehelper_is_disabled()
    ARM: S3C64XX: Implement basic power domain support
    PM / shmobile: Use common always on power domain governor

    Fix up trivial conflict in fs/xfs/xfs_buf.c due to removal of unused

    Linus Torvalds
  • * 'for-linus2' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/viro/vfs: (165 commits)
    reiserfs: Properly display mount options in /proc/mounts
    vfs: prevent remount read-only if pending removes
    vfs: count unlinked inodes
    vfs: protect remounting superblock read-only
    vfs: keep list of mounts for each superblock
    vfs: switch ->show_options() to struct dentry *
    vfs: switch ->show_path() to struct dentry *
    vfs: switch ->show_devname() to struct dentry *
    vfs: switch ->show_stats to struct dentry *
    switch security_path_chmod() to struct path *
    vfs: prefer ->dentry->d_sb to ->mnt->mnt_sb
    vfs: trim includes a bit
    switch mnt_namespace ->root to struct mount
    vfs: take /proc/*/mounts and friends to fs/proc_namespace.c
    vfs: opencode mntget() mnt_set_mountpoint()
    vfs: spread struct mount - remaining argument of next_mnt()
    vfs: move fsnotify junk to struct mount
    vfs: move mnt_devname
    vfs: move mnt_list to struct mount
    vfs: switch pnode.h macros to struct mount *

    Linus Torvalds

08 Jan, 2012

3 commits

07 Jan, 2012

1 commit

  • * git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net-next: (1958 commits)
    net: pack skb_shared_info more efficiently
    net_sched: red: split red_parms into parms and vars
    net_sched: sfq: extend limits
    cnic: Improve error recovery on bnx2x devices
    cnic: Re-init dev->stats_addr after chip reset
    net_sched: Bug in netem reordering
    bna: fix sparse warnings/errors
    bna: make ethtool_ops and strings const
    xgmac: cleanups
    net: make ethtool_ops const
    vmxnet3" make ethtool ops const
    xen-netback: make ops structs const
    virtio_net: Pass gfp flags when allocating rx buffers.
    ixgbe: FCoE: Add support for ndo_get_fcoe_hbainfo() call
    netdev: FCoE: Add new ndo_get_fcoe_hbainfo() call
    igb: reset PHY after recovering from PHY power down
    igb: add basic runtime PM support
    igb: Add support for byte queue limits.
    e1000: cleanup CE4100 MDIO registers access
    e1000: unmap ce4100_gbe_mdio_base_virt in e1000_remove

    Linus Torvalds

06 Jan, 2012

6 commits

  • Once upon a time netlink was not sync and we had to get the effective
    capabilities from the skb that was being received. Today we instead get
    the capabilities from the current task. This has rendered the entire
    purpose of the hook moot as it is now functionally equivalent to the
    capable() call.

    Signed-off-by: Eric Paris

    Eric Paris
  • We're doing some odd things there, which already messes up various users
    (see the net/socket.c code that this removes), and it was going to add
    yet more crud to the block layer because of the incorrect error code

    ENOIOCTLCMD is not an error return that should be returned to user mode
    from the "ioctl()" system call, but it should *not* be translated as
    EINVAL ("Invalid argument"). It should be translated as ENOTTY
    ("Inappropriate ioctl for device").

    That EINVAL confusion has apparently so permeated some code that the
    block layer actually checks for it, which is sad. We continue to do so
    for now, but add a big comment about how wrong that is, and we should
    remove it entirely eventually. In the meantime, this tries to keep the
    changes localized to just the EINVAL -> ENOTTY fix, and removing code
    that makes it harder to do the right thing.

    Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds

    Linus Torvalds
  • This was unexpected behavior (at least for me)--why would you want
    configuration settings automatically lost on nfsd restart?

    In practice this won't affect distributions, which likely set everything
    on every startup. But I'd expect the behavior to be less confusing to
    someone manually restarting nfsd for testing.

    Signed-off-by: J. Bruce Fields

    J. Bruce Fields
  • The pool_to and to_pool fields of the global svc_pool_map are freed on
    shutdown, but are initialized in nfsd startup only in the

    They *are* initialized to zero on kernel startup. So as long as you use
    only SVC_POOL_GLOBAL (the default), this will never be a problem.

    You're also OK if you only ever use SVC_POOL_PERCPU or SVC_POOL_PERNODE.

    However, the following sequence events leads to a double-free:

    2. start nfsd: both fields are initialized.
    3. shutdown nfsd: both fields are freed.
    4. set SVC_POOL_GLOBAL
    5. start nfsd: the fields are left untouched.
    6. shutdown nfsd: now we try to free them again.

    Step 4 is actually unnecessary, since (for some bizarre reason), nfsd
    automatically resets the pool mode to SVC_POOL_GLOBAL on shutdown.

    Cc: stable@kernel.org
    Signed-off-by: J. Bruce Fields

    J. Bruce Fields
  • This patch splits the red_parms structure into two components.

    One holding the RED 'constant' parameters, and one containing the

    This permits a size reduction of GRED qdisc, and is a preliminary step
    to add an optional RED unit to SFQ.

    SFQRED will have a single red_parms structure shared by all flows, and a
    private red_vars per flow.

    Signed-off-by: Eric Dumazet
    CC: Dave Taht
    CC: Stephen Hemminger
    Signed-off-by: David S. Miller

    Eric Dumazet
  • SFQ as implemented in Linux is very limited, with at most 127 flows
    and limit of 127 packets. [ So if 127 flows are active, we have one
    packet per flow ]

    This patch brings to SFQ following features to cope with modern needs.

    - Ability to specify a smaller per flow limit of inflight packets.
    (default value being at 127 packets)

    - Ability to have up to 65408 active flows (instead of 127)

    - Ability to have head drops instead of tail drops
    (to drop old packets from a flow)

    Example of use : No more than 20 packets per flow, max 8000 flows, max
    20000 packets in SFQ qdisc, hash table of 65536 slots.

    tc qdisc add ... sfq \
    flows 8000 \
    depth 20 \
    headdrop \
    limit 20000 \
    divisor 65536

    Ram usage :

    2 bytes per hash table entry (instead of previous 1 byte/entry)
    32 bytes per flow on 64bit arches, instead of 384 for QFQ, so much
    better cache hit ratio.

    Signed-off-by: Eric Dumazet
    CC: Dave Taht
    Signed-off-by: David S. Miller

    Eric Dumazet